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White Oak
Aged 6 Years

Cask No. 910
65.11 %

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A whisky bar, distilled. Leather and polish on the nose, with a touch of tobacco leaf and notes of brown sugar and spices. Classy, classic and charismatic to the last drop.

Savoury nose of leather and polish followed by glazed cherries.
Oily, rich and thick, with brown sugar and spice all coming through. A slight hint of tobacco leaf towards the end.
Long, drying, luscious and very moreish.

About White Oak Cask No. 910

Welcome to the essence of a whisky bar distilled, where Cask No. 910 unfolds to captivating allure. The nose unveils a savoury symphony, where the inviting aromas of leather and polish intertwine effortlessly, accompanied by the tantalising presence of glazed cherries that add a touch of sweetness.

As this Whisky caresses the palate, an indulgent journey awaits, characterised by an oily, rich, and luxuriously thick texture. Notes of brown sugar and a harmonious blend of spices gracefully emerge, creating a palate that exudes both depth and opulence. Towards the end, a subtle hint of tobacco leaf adds a layer of sophistication and intrigue. The experience reaches its climax with a long and drying finish that exudes lusciousness, leaving an irresistible craving for more.

Cask No. 910 stands as a testament to the timeless class, classic allure, and sheer charisma that can be savoured in every single drop.

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