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White Oak
Aged 6 Years

Cask No. 1102
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Rare quality. Deliciously oily in texture, with sweet dried fruits and nuts on the mouth and a long, full finish you won’t want to end.

A pleasant mixture of beeswax and custard.
Sweet raisins, followed by a nuttiness reminiscent of almonds or marzipan. A rich, buttery texture with lots of oil to coat the whole mouth.
A full and long finish.

About White Oak Cask No. 1102

Cask No. 1102 embodies rare quality, offering a truly exceptional drinking experience. This exquisite spirit delights the senses with its deliciously oily texture, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Upon the first encounter, a pleasant mixture of beeswax and custard greets the nose, setting the stage for the sensory adventure to come.

As you indulge in Cask No. 1102's richness, the palate unravels with layers of sweet dried fruits, particularly raisins, followed by a delightful nuttiness reminiscent of almonds or marzipan. The experience is further enhanced by a luxuriously buttery texture that coats the entire mouth, accompanied by a generous amount of oil. The journey culminates with a full and long finish, an experience that lingers on the taste buds, urging you to savour every moment.

Aged for 6 years, Cask No. 1102 captures the essence of rare quality, inviting you to indulge in its captivating flavours and the sensation of a finish that you won't want to end.

Cask No. 1102

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