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French Oak Tawny
Aged 10 Years

Cask No.195
65.90 %

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Rich, fruity sweetness married with the subtle, silky spiciness of French oak. An inimitably smooth mouth feel, with a pillow-soft finish. A rare treat.

A mixture of sultanas with rich fruit cake.
Fruit cake developing into marzipan and brown sugar underpinned with subtle notes of antique oak throughout. Oily texture lending breadth and depth to the smooth palate.
A medium length and soft finish lingering chocolate and toasty oak.

About Cask Strength French Oak Tawny

This lamentably limited French Oak Tawny expression delicately balances subtle and nuanced notes of silky spice, courtesy of being aged for ten years, in French Oak barrels with rewardingly rich, fruity sweetness that seeps effortlessly from the Tawny base this expression is built upon.

With a nose reminiscent of the finest fruit cake accompanied by sumptuously slight hints of oak, this release resolves with an impossibly soft finish. With only eighty-eight bottles released in total, this deftly crafted expression, is one that whilst soon gone, will not be soon forgotten.

Cask No. 195

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Revel in rarity. In nuance. In detail. In craft. In quality. In knowing you’re one of only a few who will ever lay their hands on Hidden Lake.