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American Oak Bourbon
Aged 6 Years

Cask No. 1263
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A delicately woody whisky, with the sweet spice of cinnamon and anise arriving late to create a gloriously well-rounded experience. A rare delight.

Fresh cut green wood and hay bales.
Light, fresh oak with vanilla, anise and cinnamon developing.
A medium finish, with some oil but quite drying.

About American Oak Bourbon Cask No. 1263

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey guided by the whispers of a delicately woody elixir. The nose is captivating, painting a vivid picture of freshly cut green timber harmoniously mingling with the comforting embrace of sun-kissed hay bales, evoking a rustic elegance that transports the senses to the heart of the Tasmanian countryside.

On the palate, a symphony of flavours dances with finesse as light and invigorating oak notes effortlessly intertwine with velvety hints of vanilla, the alluring warmth of anise, and a captivating touch of cinnamon that gradually unfolds, revealing layers of artisanal craftsmanship. The medium finish showcases its artistry, balancing a subtle embrace of smooth oiliness with a captivating dryness that invites contemplation, leaving an enduring impression of this rare and enchanting delight.

This American Oak Bourbon, aged for six years, is a culinary voyage that truly belongs in the realm of the discerning gourmet traveler, paying homage to the rich traditions of Tasmanian distilling.

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