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American Oak Bourbon
Aged 6 Years

Barrel #1262
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An uncommonly refreshing whisky. Light and crisp with a sweet nose, and a spicy, woody palate. A well-rounded drop that surprises the whole way through.

Light and fresh, with a hint of boiled sweets and fresh ginger.
Light, crisp and refreshing. A note of bright oak and pepper runs through, which develops into woody spice.
A medium finish with only a hint of oil. Well rounded.

About American Oak Bourbon Cask No. 1262

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Hidden Lake American Oak Bourbon cask No. 1262, where an uncommonly refreshing elixir awaits. This whisky embodies a light and crisp character, captivating the senses with its sweet nose reminiscent of delicate boiled sweets and a subtle hint of invigorating fresh ginger.

Upon tasting, a delightful interplay unfolds, revealing the whisky's surprising nature. The palate showcases its lightness and refreshing quality, accompanied by a bright oak note and a touch of pepper that gradually transitions into a captivating woody spice, adding depth and complexity to the experience. With a well-rounded profile that leaves a lasting impression, the medium finish gently lingers, offering a subtle touch of oil while maintaining its overall balance.

Delicately aged for 6 years in an American Oak Bourbon Cask, this single barrel expression is a testament to the craftsmanship behind creating a refreshing and pleasantly surprising dram that captivates at every sip.

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